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Wild Pig

Wild pigs are not native animals in this area. The wild pigs in the region are descendants of domestic swine brought here by the original homesteaders. Over the years, some of these domestic animals escaped and went wild. Today, their descendants may be found in various locations in the region.

Pigs can grow to 300 pounds or more. They dig for roots and eat acorns and fallen fruit. They also eat nuts, grasses, fruit, small amphibians, eggs, small mammals, and carrion. In the spring, a litter of piglets is born to each sow. There can be a dozen in the litter. The adult males have tusks and can be aggressive. If you encounter a wild pig while hiking, keep your distance.

They are active dawn and dusk and are strong and agile. They move about in family groups and are strong swimmers and fast runners.

Click here to see drawings of wild pig tracks.

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Revised: 15 September 1997
Written by Kim A. Cabrera
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