Take an Auto Tour of the Avenue of the Giants


You may begin the Auto Tour at either the north or the south end of the Avenue of the Giants. This virtual tour begins at the south end.

[Stop #1 - Franklin K. Lane Grove]
[Stop #2 - Lansdale Grove]
[Stop #3 - Bolling Grove]
[Stop #4 - Visitor Center]
[Stop #5 - Weott]
[Stop #6 - Dungan Grove]
[Stop #7 - Mahan Plaque Trail]
[Stop #8 - Dyerville Overlook]
[Stop #9 - Drury Chaney Groves]

Stop #1

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Revised: 15 October 1996
Auto Tour text by Ron Jones
Copyright © 1996; Humboldt Redwoods Interpretive Association