North Coast Redwoods District State Parks

Welcome to the North Coast! California State Parks offer a wide variety of opportunities to make your stay enjoyable. Whether you have a few hours or several days, you can find great experiences - just a short drive or walk from where you are. The overwhelming feature in this region is magnificent redwood forests. We are grateful to past generations who helped preserve these ancient woodlands, making them available for us and our children. But besides the world's tallest trees, you should also search for hidden treasures, high in the forest canopy or in the ferns below. If you are looking for scenes from Steven Spielberg's Lost World, you will find the backdrop here - making it easy to imagine dinosaurs among these leafy giants!

When your neck grows tired of looking up at redwoods, why not journey to a beach? Much of California's coastline is preserved for you in California State Parks. On the North Coast you may see migrating gray whales, sea lions and pelicans. Look for a rare piece of driftwood or that special agate stone.

Instead of reading about our cultural history in books, you will find it coming alive in your parks. Ancient ways of Native Americans reveal secrets that enrich our daily life. Understanding past practices of logging, environmental protection and commerce help to explain the Headwater's Forest controversy and other issues of today.

The professionals of California State Parks have worked hard to prepare for your visit. These parks are special places and they are for you. If there is anything that will make your visit better, please ask for help. We want you to enjoy your stay and return often.

John Kolb, District Superintendent
Eureka, California

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